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re: Qadosh Application


Character Name: Qadosh
Character Advanced Class: Sentinel
Character Focus(Dps, Tank, Healer): DPS
Level: 55

IRL Age: 23
Timezone: Eastern
Playtimes: (note: "often", "weekdays" "too much" etc are not acceptable answers to this question. We are looking for days and times we can expect you online) Weekdays at nights unless im working a closing shift. Sundays i can be on usually anytime unless otherwise specified. Friday and Saturdays are up in the air but will be more solidified later on.

Teamspeak Access (Required): Y/N Y
Teamspeak Mic: Y/N Y

Undercon Sponsor (if you have one-- not required): Naw

- Tell us about your past MMO experience: (ex: what other games have you played, for how long, what are your major accomplishments in those games, etc) Played a little WoW back in the day for pvp only really. Did no pve unless it was dungeons randomly. Playing some ESO. PLayed SWTOR since its launch date (minus a 4month break roughly).

- List your previous guilds and reasons for leaving them:

HKH - First serious raiding guild on pot5 pre 2.0 Was server 2nd (pub first) guild 8man. Guild died

Messores Republicae - 16man raiding guild. Guild moved servers, didn't move with them.

Severity Gaming - Left cuz some stuff was going on i didn't approve of necessarily. Can disclose more details if necessary.

- List any other guilds you have applied to for this game: None

- Briefly describe your raiding experience: Well...Did NiM EC back in the day with HKH when it first dropped. Cleared 8man. Did 16man nim ec shortly after hkh disbanded with MR. Was not around for drop of sv/tfb nim. Came back to the game and did it with SG (minus tfb). Did hateful entity with SG as well as 16man nim sv. Did DF NiM when it dropped on pts and cleared up to 6-finger phase with some SG buds (ex sg and current sg) within first 5hrs of it dropping. Can be verified up on Yoloborg's stream highlights at

- What makes you an asset to Undercon? My dedication to clear Nim content and having a serious attitude about it while on. Ability to help coordinate strategy and mid fight organization. Ability to do quality dps and obey mechanics (rarely will fall subject to a mechanic failure).

- What is your current main build atm? (tank main dps off etc.) DPS - I can do any of the 3 sentinel specs. Dot smash is getting patched so no longer worth running in my opinion.

- How did you hear about us? Decided to check out what guilds might be recruiting on shadowlands b4 i transferred and saw Fatedd's post.

- Anything else you wish to tell us about yourself? (Make your app stand out from the rest of the flock) Nothing i can think of. Ask me something if you want to know specifics and i can probably tell you. 

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